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Guangdong International Science & Technology Exhibition Company (hereinafter referred to as ‘Guangdong Science & Technology Exhibition’) is a wholly state-owned enterprise under Guangdong Science & Technology Cooperation Centre. Founded in 1993, it is a leading exhibition and conference organizer in China. By holding brand exhibitions and high-end forums, it has promoted the technological exchanges and cooperation between China and world counterparts, and provided excellent opportunities for business exchange interaction, industry insight sharing, corporate development and personal career growth.

The business scope of Guangdong Science & Technology Exhibition is involved in such fields as medical technology and equipment, professional lighting and sound equipment, musical instruments, laboratory instrument and equipment, etc., in which the Dental South China International Expo and the Prolight + Sound Guangzhou have become the top events in China and even in Asia.

Guangdong Science & Technology Exhibition has gained the high recognition from most of exhibitors and visitors by adhering the ‘professional, efficiency, pragmatic and innovation’ philosophy and with standard management and excellent services. It has been elected as the vice-president unit of Guangdong Association of Conference and Exhibition Industry with its exhibition scale and industry influence. Guangdong Science & Technology Exhibition has always believed that ‘excellent achievement comes from concentration’. More than 20 years of polishing has made Guangdong Science & Technology Exhibition at the front rank of the industry. In 2015, Guangdong Science & Technology Exhibition has become an official member of UFI and made new contributions constantly in enhancing the level of holding international exhibitions and promoting international trade cooperation and technological exchanges.

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