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Center trade unions organized the 2016 spring festival dumplings


To add to the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival in 2016, the Trade Union Centre on February 3, in the cafeteria on the third floor held "2016 Ying Chun, dumplings" game, exhibition company trade union membership enthusiastic participation, and won the "taste of the best eating dumplings Award" and "package dumplings Award" two medals.

The game design four awards, a total of 5 groups of 20 people attended, trade unions for players unification allotted masks, aprons and other professional equipment and provide vinegar, sesame oil, soy sauce, disposable chopsticks and other materials.

The start of the game, the players all roll up their sleeves and put into competitive state quickly, the crowd kept cheering buddy. Competition is divided into a few rounds, groups of players out of the cage dumplings with red green, distinctive, endless creativity, not only Yu annual and superabundant goldfish shape, there is a small snowman, carved decoration. The game was in full swing, and the dining hall was filled with a tense and peaceful atmosphere.

Just 60 minutes of the match ended, headed by the director of the center for Comrade Wu Hanrong panel on each group of players dumplings speed, shape and taste of synthetical evaluation of site, eventually named four awards. In addition to the exhibition company won two awards and other awards respectively by the central colorful team won "the appearance of the most beautiful dumplings" award, top US companies first-rate team get "comprehensive optimal dumplings" award. Game also specially set "surprise" award, employees to eat strange fillings can get special prizes, the move can be described as unique, make every employee into surprises.

After this event, the union members appreciate the warm and happy atmosphere of the Spring Festival, taste the fun of team work.

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